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MoxyBerry Optimal Blend
Acai Berry Super Health Juice

“The only real defence is active defence”, or, as we like to say at MoxyBerry: “Prevention is better than cure.”
MoxyBerry presents – The natural way to prevent inflammation and promote health and wellness.
Everyone can arm their body with an incredibly powerful weapon to help protect it from inflammation and illness, and this powerful weapon is called, The MoxyBerry Optimal Blend Acai Super Juice!
Besides strongly promoting health and wellness, it is super delicious as well.
Featuring one-of-a-kind unique formula of ingredients, the MoxyBerry Optimal Blend Acai Super Juice delivers unmatched quality and effectiveness, both in its remarkable taste, and in its amazing health benefits.


The MoxyBerry Optimal Blend contains vitamin C and B that support energy levels and the immune system, coupled with powerful antioxidants and fat burning carbohydrates that support the increase of your body’s natural energy system.
And, here’s more: Our amazing Acai Super Health Juice is all-natural and contains:

  • No artificial preservatives.
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Non-GMO

Unmatched health benefits and superior taste. That’s what makes the big difference! And that’s what sets the MoxyBerry Super Health Juice apart from any other juice. You can taste the difference in your first glass.

The Amazon Rainforest

Rainforests: shrouded in mist and mystery, home to animals beautiful and bizarre, filled with plants that can poison or heal. They are the subject of frequent campaigns calling for their protection, but what role do rainforests play in our daily lives? More than you might realize. Consider how different, and poorer, life would be without these seven everyday items. The Amazon Jungle, as it is commonly known in English, is a magnificent broad-leafed rainforest in the heart of Brazil, the basin of which covers an impressive area of 7 million square kilometres (or 1.7 billion acres). It has an astonishing value in the natural world in terms of the Oxygen that it provides, the Carbon Dioxide that it consumes and the splendid array of exquisite plant- and animal species to which it is home. In fact, it is home to the most diverse and numerous arrays of species in the world. The Amazon rainforest is also referred to as the ‘Lungs of the Planet’ because it produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen.

• At Moxy we Believe that by leaving the rainforests intact and harvesting it’s many nuts, fruits, oil-producing plants, and medicinal plants, the rainforest has more economic value than if they were cut down to make grazing land for cattle or for timber.

• The latest statistics show that rainforest land converted to cattle operations yields the land owner $60 per acre and if timber is harvested, the land is worth $400 per acre. However, if these renewable and sustainable resources are harvested,the land will yield the land owner $2,400 per acre. 

• Rainforest plants are rich in secondary metabolites, particularly alkaloids. Biochemists believe alkaloids protect plants from disease and insect attacks. Many alkaloids from higher plants have proven to be of medicinal value and benefit. 

We Believe at Moxy that harvesting and maintaining this great natural resource for our ACAI Berry, that we can provide people with the highest quality ingredients to put in our juice. The Importance of the rainforest for our overall health and well-being is unmatched and we are doing our part to bring those benefits to you. Build a better world, Build a better juice, build a better You.


Moxyberry Optimal Health Blend

This unique and incredible formulation has been created to be multi-functional and extremely effective. Formulated by one of the nation’s top research and development firms, this proprietary formula not only functions in multiple ways but also tastes unbelievably amazing as well!

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There are many great reasons to become a MoxyBerry Distributor and make the first steps on the way to financial freedom and independence.
Here is some motivation and Reasons to become a distributor
What if MoxyBerry was the solution you needed to:

In this rapidly changing world, it is important to recognize the trends that will make the world of tomorrow better. MoxyBerry’s mission is part of a larger emerging trend that will grow in the coming decades: We absolutely believe and stand behind the statement that “prevention is better than cure”! Now’s the time to take hold of your future and not look back. Don’t wait weeks, months or years and look back and say I wish I would of done it back then. You have nothing to lose but stress, worry and debt. Let’s do this together!

1 case of MoxyBerry is a 28 day supply of delicious and healthy optimal blend of berry juices.

To ensure that you have
the power to live a longer
life while on the go!

Pronounced Acai (ah-sigh-EE) berries are a grape-like fruit native to the rainforests of South America. They are harvested from acai palm trees.

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Moxy Academy

At MoxyBerry we believe that education has the power to transform and lift up humanity. It’s always been important to listen to, engage with, and learn from the perspectives of others—but now it is critical. We believe that education gives people the knowledge to understand the world and different cultures, races and ways of doing things.
As a MoxyBerry Customer and distributor you will have free access to Courses that expand and enlighten you in many different ways. From Business to weights, yoga to spiritual enlightenment to navigating social media or being a great leader.
Now more than ever, people are seeking ways to affect change in their lives and their communities. Discover something new that will make you see the world and life in a different way.
Whether you’re looking to stay current with new industry trends or want to expand your business or personal knowledge, We have the courses to provide deep dives into specific topics to broaden your expertise and Change your life.

Moxy Learn

This crazy time has upended our daily lives. You’ve likely been called upon to act, adapt, and rethink how you manage yourself, how you act and interact with others. Now, more than ever, People need to be resilient leaders who can navigate through turbulent times.

This crisis has likely changed how you work, learn, and live. We have provided you with a great opportunity to start your own business and work from home. Now we are providing new ways to learn, to expand or to upskill. Lets highlight skills all leaders need to guide themselves and others through challenging times.

No matter your situation, MoxyBerry wants to help you navigate the uncertainty. We are providing Courses free to MoxyBerry Customers and Distributors that will help you through these crazy times and help to make a better you. MoxyBerry believes that we build better business through better people and through these online course we hope that you use these skills to further you in business and in life.

Moxy Mind

The popularity of yoga and meditation is not new but it is still increasing as more people discover its benefits. The mind and meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. People also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns, increased productivity at work and at home and even increased pain tolerance.

Yoga, Pilates and Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Moxyberry hopes that having this service for our customers and distributors we can increase productivity at work and with their MoxyBerry business. We have provided you with a way to do it from anywhere without any fancy clubs or memberships.

We hope that our mindfulness can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health.

Moxy Move

An increasing number of studies have shown that physical activity acts as a form of therapy to counter mild depression. It also helps one relieve stress, combat anxiety, and thus stay away from any measure of alcohol or drug use. Indeed, research has proven that Physical activity helps the body secrete more endorphins, also called the “hormones of happiness”. MoxyBerry believes that in order to perform at your best at work, at play, With your kids or grand kids, the body is an important part of making everyday life experiences and joys easier.

Physical activity also improves creativity and helps form solutions to problems faster. Even simply walking can increase a person’s creativity by 60%. To sum up, it is clear that the benefits of sports on your mind and body and how you react to business and life situations can be numerous. That is why you should incorporate physical activity into every day if you want to stay healthy longer both mentally and physically

We know that life always gets in the way and makes it tough to get to the gym or out for a walk or run. Or we find that we can’t afford luxuries like crossfit or gym memberships. That’s why we want to provide you with many different online workouts that you can do from home at your own leisure. Lets build a better you.

Our Mission

Produce, package, sell, and promote the finest quality health products by cultivating a work environment of innovation and exploration with the focus on making people’s lives healthier and happier.

Our Vision

Be a national leader in the transformation of the Health product industry, admired for our dedication to real ingredients and original products.

Our Values


Be advocates for our community and our industry, promoting camaraderie and responsibility through intentional associations, partnerships, and participation.


Be dedicated to our Customers and Distributors, providing superior and professional service, an approachable atmosphere, and accessibility to our products through education and enthusiasm.


Be the best version of ourselves—individually and collectively—by producing products we can be proud of, ongoing commitment to personal growth and learning, and reliability in all aspects of business.


Put employee and customer wellbeing above all, providing a healthy, encouraging work environment where employees are able to flourish, share ideas, and benefit from a positive work/life balance.


As a promise to our customers and ourselves, always demonstrate bravery and ingenuity by pushing boundaries and striving toward true originality through our products

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